Specialising in tangible asset classes

Alternative Solutions is a fast growing brokerage that specialises in alternative assets. In recent years many more traditional products such as stocks and funds have failed to deliver the growth investors are looking for.

fine wine investment

The changing financial landscape has meant that alternative products that are in areas of significant growth potential have become increasingly popular. All our investment products provide our clients with tangible assets and are owned out right by them. We believe that they will prove to be strong additions to any portfolio.

Alternative solutions put great emphasis on marketing with strong prominent brands and on popular search engines such as Google. Below is a small selection of some of the brands we advertise through:

Alternative Solutions begin online marketing campaign with “the world’s best wine magazine” Decanter.

Working together Alternative Solutions and Decanter Magazine hope to educate and inform investors about the latest news, recommendations and investment advice within the the world of wine.


Alternative Solutions launches a new advertising and editorial campaign with the largest IFA publication The IFA Magazine.

Published ten times a year, IFA Magazine is already winning a keen and enthusiastic following among Britain’s premier financial advisers.

All our investments have been sourced from reputable companies who are leaders in their field and we carry out rigorous due diligence before recommending any investment.




Alternative Solutions proudly launches an advertising campaign with one of Britain’s leading weekly political, cultural and current affairs magazine, Newstatesman.

The magazine’s award-winning team of editors and contributors seek to engage readers with great writing, arresting photography, intelligent analysis, bold campaigns and trenchant argument.



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